Just Lion Around South Africa

The trip started in a frenzy. It was always going to be jam-packed, we were heading to South Africa for five days for a wedding and fulfil a bucket list dream to go on safari. Just as we were about to start boarding our plane the fire alarm went off in the terminal  and we... Continue Reading →

Life in Ras Al Khaimah…what?

Ras al what????? Ras Al Khaimah. We call it RAK. Iraq? No, RAK. It's in the UAE. It's near Dubai. Ah, Dubai. What's it called again? Ras Al Khaimah. OK. Why do your parents live there? A pretty fair question, especially having lived life and mostly loved life in Dubai for over twenty years. Ras... Continue Reading →

Sri Lanka

Last week I took a cheeky holiday to Sri Lanka with a friend of mine and it was wicked. Our plan was to do a little sight-seeing and then check out the surf in the south. Fortunately from Dubai, there are cheap, direct flights to Colombo daily which makes it a perfect destination for a quickie... Continue Reading →

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