Canouan: An island of dreams

A strong Geordie voice came over on the PA, "Ladies and Gentleman, we hope that you have had a pleasant flight and thank you very much for flying with us today on Virgin Atlantic. A very warm welcome to Antigua." In unison, the entire plane sits up ..... "only joking, welcome to Barbados! Just checking... Continue Reading →

Just Lion Around South Africa

The trip started in a frenzy. It was always going to be jam-packed, we were heading to South Africa for five days for a wedding and fulfil a bucket list dream to go on safari. Just as we were about to start boarding our plane the fire alarm went off in the terminal  and we... Continue Reading →

Oh My Bod

A charming pocket on the Mediterranean, famed for floating gulets on the crystal clear Aegean Sea, Bodrum is only four hours away by plane and yet arriving from a grizzly, grey England, I felt that I was on another planet. The rugged landscape is greener than I expected it to be with olive groves and... Continue Reading →

Marrakech Express

We arrived in a flurry. Due to thunderstorms we were delayed coming into Menara airport but thankfully not diverted to Casablanca. As the crew opened the landing doors on the plane you could smell wet tarmac from the rain, it was wonderful - earthy and warm. Our driver, Norton, met us and shortly we were... Continue Reading →

Salty Sardinia

Landing in Cagliari airport and whisked off on a bus through the suburban landscape gives a rather contradicting view to the romantic landscape I had imagined Sardinia to look like. As with many European cities, there are empty concrete highways with graffiti which summon up Fitzgerald's depiction of the empty quarter described in The Great... Continue Reading →

Welcome in Jordan

Welcome! Welcome! - It would be fair to say that the 'favourite', if not the most used English word in Jordan is 'Welcome'. Whether it is the cab driver, shop keeper, check-out man or stranger on the street, from the moment you hand your passport to customs for your visa stamp, you are greeted with... Continue Reading →

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