Life in Ras Al Khaimah…what?

Ras al what????? Ras Al Khaimah. We call it RAK. Iraq? No, RAK. It's in the UAE. It's near Dubai. Ah, Dubai. What's it called again? Ras Al Khaimah. OK. Why do your parents live there? A pretty fair question, especially having lived life and mostly loved life in Dubai for over twenty years. Ras... Continue Reading →

Doors of Morocco

My recent visit to Morocco unearthed a new obsession of photographing doors - here are some from Marrakech and Essaouira.  

Marrakech Express

We arrived in a flurry. Due to thunderstorms we were delayed coming into Menara airport but thankfully not diverted to Casablanca. As the crew opened the landing doors on the plane you could smell wet tarmac from the rain, it was wonderful - earthy and warm. Our driver, Norton, met us and shortly we were... Continue Reading →

Welcome in Jordan

Welcome! Welcome! - It would be fair to say that the 'favourite', if not the most used English word in Jordan is 'Welcome'. Whether it is the cab driver, shop keeper, check-out man or stranger on the street, from the moment you hand your passport to customs for your visa stamp, you are greeted with... Continue Reading →

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