Passport, Ticket, Czech

Prague straddles the Vtlava River, a staggering beautiful city with a mix of Gothic, Renaissance and very utilitarian, communist architecture. The small streets are dotted with old, open-topped cars carting tourists round the sites. 48 hours in Prague, where to begin? Day one was spent visiting Old Town. The shadow of the castle and monastery... Continue Reading →

Oh My Bod

A charming pocket on the Mediterranean, famed for floating gulets on the crystal clear Aegean Sea, Bodrum is only four hours away by plane and yet arriving from a grizzly, grey England, I felt that I was on another planet. The rugged landscape is greener than I expected it to be with olive groves and... Continue Reading →

Salty Sardinia

Landing in Cagliari airport and whisked off on a bus through the suburban landscape gives a rather contradicting view to the romantic landscape I had imagined Sardinia to look like. As with many European cities, there are empty concrete highways with graffiti which summon up Fitzgerald's depiction of the empty quarter described in The Great... Continue Reading →

Oui, Oui! Paris

'This is not England! This is not England!' we shrieked as we scarpered back along the zebra crossing onto the pavement, indeed, when there are cars approaching a zebra crossing in Paris - do not cross. They will not stop and wait for you to cross. Especially by the infested tourist magnets - places such as... Continue Reading →

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