Still Made In Taiwan

'Made in Taiwan.' When I was growing up I always associated this with plastic toys and machinery but as it turns out, Taiwan is the place to go for a foodie adventure in the East – because as anyone who has been there will tell you, 'Made in Taiwan,' is the slogan for some of... Continue Reading →

Asian Dream Tour: Bangkok

Last stop, Bangkok. After a week of travelling I was excited about seeing Bangkok, catching up with a friend and finally getting that Thai stamp in my passport. I was infinitely spoilt staying at the Mandarin Oriental which straddles the Chao Praya river. The location was key, I had immediate access to travel along the... Continue Reading →

Passport, Ticket, Czech

Prague straddles the Vtlava River, a staggering beautiful city with a mix of Gothic, Renaissance and very utilitarian, communist architecture. The small streets are dotted with old, open-topped cars carting tourists round the sites. 48 hours in Prague, where to begin? Day one was spent visiting Old Town. The shadow of the castle and monastery... Continue Reading →

Marrakech Express

We arrived in a flurry. Due to thunderstorms we were delayed coming into Menara airport but thankfully not diverted to Casablanca. As the crew opened the landing doors on the plane you could smell wet tarmac from the rain, it was wonderful - earthy and warm. Our driver, Norton, met us and shortly we were... Continue Reading →

Snaps from Shanghai

A lifetime ago, in the summer of 2011, I visited Shanghai with a friend. My first introduction to China, the smoggy city left a lasting impression on me as the funniest holiday I have ever had. Things are done differently in that part of the world, they have their own rules and their own way of thinking.... Continue Reading →

Oui, Oui! Paris

'This is not England! This is not England!' we shrieked as we scarpered back along the zebra crossing onto the pavement, indeed, when there are cars approaching a zebra crossing in Paris - do not cross. They will not stop and wait for you to cross. Especially by the infested tourist magnets - places such as... Continue Reading →

Moments in Moscow

Arriving in Moscow, I was expecting to see a soviet city of grey and concrete. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was completely wrong about everything including the weather. Staying with an exchange, I was treated to on-the-ground knowledge of where to go, when, what to eat and other customs. Russia is not... Continue Reading →

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