Snaps from Shanghai

A lifetime ago, in the summer of 2011, I visited Shanghai with a friend. My first introduction to China, the smoggy city left a lasting impression on me as the funniest holiday I have ever had. Things are done differently in that part of the world, they have their own rules and their own way of thinking. It’s fantastic.

A few points I’d like to note:

  • The magluf train is an excellent way to travel into the city from Pudong airport. Reaching up to 300km per hour, the magnetic-fuelled train offers a few moments of solitude in an otherwise hussling city
  • The French Quarter – popular for expatriates is perfect for drinks in the evening
  • Spend some time going to the parks and watching as the local exercise walking backwards or meditate for hours. Don’t be surprised to see people fishing in the ponds for pets or…dinner
  • Nobody speaks English and in fact hailing a cab can be difficult as many of the drivers will be intimidated by not being able to speak a foreign tongue. One of the ways to bypass this is to collect cards from your hotel/concierge of where you would like to go – this is not always foolproof
  • The Portman has a fantastic gymnastic show which is certainly worth a visit one evening
  • The iconic Pearl Tower and walking along the bund is a must
  • There are a number of places to visit, museums in the city and temples
  • Shopping is phenomenal – you can get everything and spend hours whiling away the hours
  • Hope and point to order Chinese food – if in doubt – go vegetarian


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