The London Days


May 2015 marks the time I left Dubai and started my London days. Having never lived in the capital before, it was quite a transition and 3 months down the line I am still lost and having to ‘citymapper’ how to get everywhere. None the less, London is definitely giving me the variation that I craved after four years of living in the sand pit. Here are some of my city exploits so far.

Best drinks:

Gordon’s Wine Bar, Villier’s Street – The oldest wine bar in the UK, it’s 125 years old. Established in 1890, the tiny underground, family-run bar has vaulted ceilings and a friendly atmosphere. Be warned, it’s difficult to find a table here past 6.30pm. This only adds to the buzz as guests spill over into the narrow streets.

Vagabonds, Fulham Broadway – Great way to wine taste, the restaurant is set up with endless wines around the room, you charge a card up and go around tasting them all, finished with a charcuterie and cheese plate. Delicious.

Image-1 (1)

Best eats:

Tonkotsu, Dean StreetΒ – delicious Japanese restaurant that specialises in ramens. It’s a tiny little restaurant in soho, well priced and atmospheric. The signature dishes are the best.

Pix Pinxos, Bateman Street – difficult to say aloud, but serves delicious Barcelona inspired tapas. Another Soho based restaurant, dining in London can be pricey but tapas is a great way to keep the cost down

Fraq’s Lobster Shack, Charlotte Street – what it says on the tin. Think lobster rolls, steamed lobster, mmmm – tasty

Summer festivals: One of the best things about arriving when I did was the beginning of plenty of summer festivals – sunny days and cider in hand, a couple made it to this year Hyde Park concerts, House Festival, Wireless – worth checking out.

House Festival

Summer Tales, Red Market, Shoreditch

Summer tales at Red Market, Shoreditch

I wouldn’t describe myself as the edgiest kind of girl but then again apparently Shoreditch is becoming gentrified….who knew…Summer Tales is a take on Night Tales, put up for the summer with picnic tables, pop up restaurants and a dance floor. Really good fun, word of advice – get there early to grab seats.

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