Tips from the Sand Pit

Sunset Beach, Burj Al Arab

Since I’ve written many a post about travelling to and from Dubai and now that I’m no longer living there, I felt it was time to dole out some advice about the ever-changing cosmopolitan hub of the Gulf. There’s no way I can fit the four amazing years I spent there into a single post. So for now, here’s just a few memories of my favourite weekend activities.

Hire a boat to ‘Monkey Island’ – this is a nice little gem just off Jumeirah beach which as the name incurs, can only be accessed by boat. It’s technically not a public island, but the owner – whoever he may be – doesn’t seem too bothered about boats dropping anchor and enjoying a picnic on this little stretch of land. Chilled afternoons by the beach, perfection.

Additional water sports activities are also really easy to get into: surfing – head to Surf House Dubai, Scott & Dan and the rest of the crew will sort you out; paddle board – Kite beach is my preference though SHD if you want to paddle round the Burj al Arab; wake boarding – Sea Adventures operates from both the Dubai Marina and on the Creek, the latter being my favourite.

Boat parties are very much a thing and you can rent one for the afternoon from Dubai Marina, they operate on either a byob basis or you can pay for a full package. Similarly, get used to the ‘Dubai Brunch,’ available at almost every hotel and something my liver does not miss, nor my bank balance.








Favourite place in the world to hang out at the weekend, DOSC, especially for a kid’s breakfast.


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